The small-batch organic dry vodka


SPELTA® is the first Russian vodka distilled from 100% organic spelt. It is the first vodka built to express the true essence of it provenance. The raw ingredient spelt packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and essential organic compounds that other cereals and forms of wheat don’t contain.


SPELTA® is an unsweetened vodka, so “dry vodka” is another defining USP of its character. No botanicals with sweeting properties, no sugar or honey added post distillation.


Our partner, local organic farmer, don’t use any artificial fertilizers and insecticides to grow spelt. Its certified to meet the European Union ecological standards and comply the production rules equal to Regulations (EC) 834/2007 and (EC) 889/2008 for manufacturing of organic goods.


We distill from organic spelt grown in limited quantities. The mash produced using natural malt fermentation process. The water sourced from Saransk artesian wells. Distillery uses only all-natural ingredients from within the Republic of Mordovia.


Each bottle of SPELTA® is hand dipped into the red wax to guarantee the provenance of precious spelt spirit.

The grain grows under natural conditions and is not exposed to artificial fertilizers

• Certificate No.44277 Issued by CERES GmbH

Due to the regional ecosystem profile, our local partner – farming company “Biosphere” has managed to cultivate the crops according the EU organic agricultural standards.

Ilya Kaletkin – head of “Biosphere” farming company, one of the pioneers of organic farming movement in Russia. He cultivates the first certified organic cereals, wheat, rye and spelt in Russia for the last couple of decades.

“Organics is the only right, fair way of farming. I am sure of it”. – he said. “We do what is right for the nature and useful for people. Soils of the farm was not exposed to artificial fertilizers and insecticides for several years. In fact, it allowed the ground to return to a pre-industrial state of purity. Soils undergo annual organic certification. Grain grows under natural conditions. It gain the natural fullness and strength without adverse human intervention. We are sure that without use of artificial fertilizers and insecticides we embrace a more ecologically sound future”.

Combination of artisanal craftsmanship and hi-tech equipment

SPELTA® is a result of an inspired work of R&D team of Saranskiy Distillers Company. The team has been developing the concept of Ultra-premium organic vodka to be recognized and savoured by connoisseurs.
Tatiana Veretekhina – Master Distiller at Saranskiy Distillers. Works in the company for over 10 years. Her expertise ensures balance, smoothness and incomparable excellence of SPELTA® organic vodka.
Combination of artisanal craftsmanship and hi-tech equipment brings the cherry on top to the Master Distiller’experience. It’s where the Harmony discovered.

“Every little detail” – she said, “is important when it comes to creation of perfect organic vodka. The most important thing, of course is excellent raw ingredients and full control over the technological process. It is also important to balance traditions and innovations, i.e. we use advanced Italian and German equipment. At the same time, we discarded the widespread modern technology of synthetic fermentation. We revived the natural malt fermentation process, which is unique to vodka production in Russia these days. The method is much higher in a cost and labor but it allows us to obtain smoother alcohol, which is crucial to vodka flavor and taste”.