The production of traditional Russian distillates is a long and labor consuming process. It begins at the earliest stage of grain selection. There is a rich agrarian traditions in the Republic of Mordovia. It allows MordovAlkoProm to work with any of leading farmers of wheat and rye. Nonetheless, it’s only the best grain used for the production.


The harvested crop goes to the granary. It rest for at least one month, so that the grain has reached full maturity. After that, the grain get crushed, mixed with water and cooked. The boiled grain sacrificed with natural enzymes – barley and millet, grown on its own malt. The resulting sweet wort get cooled and placed in a fermentation tank, where it mixes with yeast and begins to ferment. Three days later, the mash becomes suitable for distillation.

“Samovar Rye” made from rye grain. Its aroma makes you remember the traditional Russian snack – rye biscuits. Smell of hot traditional black bread stimulates appetite. They recommend “Samovar Rye” as an aperitif before hot dishes.

“Samovar Kupecheskiy” refers us to the traditions of a rich merchant’s feast. The fragrant bread wine chilled in the misted decanter was an indispensable attribute. It distilled from wheat. The yeast for top champagne wines gives piquancy and sophistication this incredible distillate.


The most important stage is distillation using the copper distillation cube. During the process of distillation, the distillate divided into “head”, “heart” and “tail”. Distillery uses only the “heart” of distillate – the purest and most delicious part of it. The distillate has purity, a rich bread taste and fantastic aroma. Its very different to the neutral vodka spirit.


Then the distillate goes to the blending facility. Depending on raw ingredient it dilutes to required alcohol level with artesian water. Blend then passes through a birch coal filter for final cleaning. The final drink hand bottled.

“Samovar Wheat” is a traditional distillate made from selected wheat. It has saturated bread tones in the aroma. The flavor does not weathered over time, but illuminate the soul of the drink. You can grind a few drops of wheat in the palms of your hands. You will feel the warmth and aroma of the fresh broken loaf of bread. The feeling is quite nice, isn’t it?!

“Samovar Plum” is the first Russian fruit distillate made of 100% ripe plum. Once you uncork this drink, you will feel the fruity notes of the plum tree. The soft velvety and delicate fruit taste of this distillate is outstanding. After all, two thousand bottles is a processed 9 tons of fresh plum.