Chisti Rosi, ”Pure as Morning Dew”, is the first certified organic vodka handcrafted in Russia. From seed to glass, Chisti Rosi meets the E.U. and U.S. organic bio-standards. The organic vodka Chisti Rosi is a remarkable union of nature, technology and craft.


The organic grain is grown in natural conditions without any use of artificial fertilizers. The award-winning taste comes from a revived technology of natural malt fermentation produced at the Kemlya distillery operating since 1899. Chisti Rosi is distilled in small batches from selected single vintage organic grain. It is then proofed down to 40% with artesian water and filtered through a silver membrane, quartz sand and birch charcoal.


To this day, Saranskiy Distillers has garnered more than 250 awards from the most prestigious competitions.