Chisti Rosi – the first certified single vintage organic vodka distilled and bottled in Russia, received a highest possible rating – Exceptional according to an independent tasting provided by Simon Difford. Chisti Rosi became the first organic vodka to receive 5 stars, surpassing the quality of most famous Russian vodka brands already presented on the international bar scene.

In his tasting review, the bar industry leader noted: “Clean and neutral aroma with light white pepper spice, faint minerality and grilled sweetcorn. Superbly clean taste with pleasing sweet grain notes, soft minerality and cracked black pepper spice. Moderate length finish is a continuation of the palate. Distinctly Russian in style with an enlivening black pepper spice this superbly clean vodka retains faint sweet notes from the wheat grain from which it was made.”

The award-winning taste comes from a revived technology of natural malt fermentation produced at the Kemlya distillery operating since 1899. Chisti Rosi is distilled in small batches from selected single vintage organic wheat. It is then proofed down to 40% with artesian water and filtered through a silver membrane, quartz sand and birch charcoal.

To this day, Saranskiy Distillers has garnered more than 250 awards from the most prestigious competitions.