Three evenings filled with great music and craft cocktails

During all three days of one of the leading international events among bartenders, the Samovar brand hosted the crème de la crème of the industry for a fun-filled evenings. The bar was filled with the chatter of the best bartenders of the world, who discussed the latest professional chips, recently won contests and of course new products.
Among them, the newly launched brand of the first Russian grain distillate “Samovar” stood out. The product is manufactured by Saransk Distillers in early 2017. Despite it youth, the product received the highest ratings of the audience and a special recognition of the bartenders community.
In order to make the parties unforgettable, in addition to the magnificent cocktails based on grain distillates, every evening there was a new musical accompaniment. Guests enjoyed performances of musicians who freely improvised in New Orleans jazz style.
Every evening was filled with meetings with an old friends, new acquaintances, lovely music and craft cocktails, specially created for occasion by hospitable hosts from Orthodox bar.