Grain distillate SAMOVAR hosted official pre-opening party for MBS 2017

Grain distillate SAMOVAR hosted an opening party at MBS 2017.

As a part of brand launch, it was decided to drop an official pre-opening party the day before Moscow Bar Show. The presentation of Samovar was held on the eve of the opening of the show in Orthodox bar.
Despite dense schedule, the event was attended by the most prominent representatives of the global bartenders community. During the party, signature cocktails based on grain distillates were served and enjoyed. They were created by the team of the bar, under the supervision of head-bartender – Dmitry Suvorov.
St. Petersburg Jazz was performed by local musicians. Music has become an excellent accompaniment to the cheerful talks of specialists from around the world.
Orthodox bar is located at Rubinshtein street, 2, St. Petersburg.
Taken from the bar press release: “The creators of the bar set themselves a bold task to break stereotypes about traditional beverages and form a modern culture of consumption of cocktails on their basis. The name Orthodox reflects a sincere belief in this right idea, especially relevant on the wave of interest in one’s own roots, the original tastes of Russia”